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Joe Johnson
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Dear Friend,
My name is Joe Johnson, I have hosted the live radio show, "Clear Your Bronchitis in a Hurry", I have taught and instructed in hospitals, private clinics and for Corporate Health
Centers around the Nation. I want you to know that what I have for you on this site is the ultimate Bronchitis Cure treatment for clearing your bronchitis.
I am going to reveal to you the EXACT BRONCHITIS CURE which you can use and clear your chest in less than 36 hours from now.

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Have You Ever Just Wished You Could Get A Real Cure For Your Bronchitis?

Have you ever thought if you just had someone that would help you and give you treatment that really worked, that you could finally get your lungs healthy and stop your chest pain and congestion too? Well here it is right within this website, the helping hand you've been praying for!

Dear Joe,

after my partner urging me to get something different, I bought the Bronchitis Doctor a few weeks ago and I have got to admit it, after nearly 15 years of antibiotics, I was doubting it was going to work, to say the least.

The first time I used your remedy I nearly choked! Hey, you never said on your web site just how strong the stuff was :-) Anyhow, I stuck at it and within 2 days I can say that my chest is clear. No infection, no pain, no coughing, no tickles and no embarrassing rattles from my chest.

Time will tell if the chest infection will come back, but next time I'll be ready with your remedy.
Thanks and well done Joe.

You can use my email as a recommendation if you want.




Dear Sirs,

I have been a General Practitioner for 27 years and have seen a lot of bronchitis over the years, and a lot of treatments too.

I use a great deal of antibiotics, they save a lot of my patients lives, yet I am well aware of the problems of over antibiotic use.

I consider myself to be an increasingly open-minded member of my profession, so I when I myself got bronchitis, I decided to try 'something new'. That's how I came across your site, being recommended on an internet forum.

When I used your remedy, my coughing stopped within a few hours. It returned later that day and I used the remedy again, then 3 times a day for 3 days.My phlegm production has ceased completely and the infection which was causing the pain and congestion seems to have stopped too.Very well done Mr Johnson. I will be recommending your products to many of my bronchitis patients, and having spoke to your support staff, I may well recomend it for sinus and throat infections too.

Dr Linda Sudworth

"I used it twice yesterday and when I got up this morning, (after a cough-free night), the infection had vanished. "

Janice Molyneux


"My Bronchitis Pain And Mucous Has Gone! "

"Thank you for sending the treatment so fast.

I got on with it straight away and I felt 100% better in 2 days, though it took nearly 5 days to stop coughing completely.

I am going to follow your video advice and use it to stop it coming back"

Jim k - Utah

Hi Joe,
My name is Don. I had suffered from bronchitis for years, ever since I started smoking, (that's another story).

Basically, it has stopped me from enjoying a full life. I couldn't walk without coughing, never mind run, play ball or even have sex.

I can honestly say, if I could turn the clock back and never have smoked cigarettes, then I would. But I can't. And I still smoke, Joe.

My Doctor has given me thousands of dollars worth of drugs, antibiotics, steroids, I once even had an oxygen tank in my home.

I was spending hundreds on antibiotics and they just weren't working. I bought your incredible plant extracts and my bronchitis just stopped

I was plain dumbstruck. I know that if I continue to smoke, then I guess it will come back, but the next time I'll have your treatment ready.

Thanks for the cure.

'Standard' Bronchitis Treatments Include
Steroids and

Be Honest Now... If They Really Worked, You Would NOT Be Reading This Web Site.

You and I know - they simply don't work.

Your bronchitis may clear for one week, maybe two weeks- then it starts to come back.
Doesn't it?

I know you have asked yourself " Why does it keep coming back?"
I know, because I have asked myself the very same question, for over 20 years.
I suffered from chronic bronchitis for years. I tried every single
antibiotic, decongestant, inhaler, steroid, I even tried an oxygen tank... you name it, I tried it.

In fact, let me tell you my real-life story...

"Find Out How A Long Forgotten Experiment By A Student Doctor, Led To A Medical Discovery So Startling - It Will Literally Leave You Speechless."
A True Story About Bronchitis

Hi, my name is Joe Johnson. Allow me tell you my incredible story. I started with bronchitis at the age of 12. By the time I was 16 I was "getting it" maybe two or three times a year. By the time I was 20, bronchial Infection had become a part of my life.

By the time I was 25 I was coughing, wheezing and aching all year round and getting bronchitis every year, often three or four times ...

My Chest Pain Was A Constant Misery

Each time, the Doctor told me I had an acute Bronchial Infection. He prescribed me antibiotics or some other Bronchial Infection treatment or medicine. I know the Doctor meant well, but the drugs just didn't seem to work.

The Constant Coughing and Swollen Eyes Made Me Sound And Look Awful

I found it difficult having to deal with the coughing and chest pain, but bronchial infection became a nightmare at work. As a researcher into alternative medicine, I had to meet people, many of them strangers . God knows what people thought when they heard my rattling chest and saw my tired, red eyes- they must have thought I had been crying. (Sometimes I really felt like crying!)

Bad Breath Was A Constant Fear

Yes, I had many embarrassing moments, when I caught people pulling back because of the smell of my breath. They tried to be polite, but that just made it worse. I tried a home remedy for Bronchitis, I tried a herbal remedy, I even tried several really strange alternative Bronchitis Infection treatments. But my health was a mess. As an 'expert' in alternative medicine, I was embarrassed, I felt I should know the answer, but I just couldn't find anything that worked.

I was always tired, I mean exhausted. I was always coughing, my chest rattled like an old violin. I couldn't walk very fast - never mind running! - without my head exploding, and as for my sex life? Well, the less said about that the better.

Antibiotic Treatment And Drugs Weaken Your Immune System

One time I was particularly bad. I could hardly move my body. I couldn't work. I was really down.Again I went to my Doctor.Again he gave me antibiotics.

After three more courses of antibiotic Bronchitis Infection treatment, (I had already discovered that each tablet was weakening my immune system, decreasing my antibiotic resistance,) the Bronchitis Infection eventually 'cleared up'- until the next time.

For years I had 'phlegm'.
No. Lets call a spade a spade.
My lungs coughed up green mucous all over the place. I was constantly embarrassed. I coughed up, retched, shivered and worried my way through each bout of acute Bronchial Infection. (In the back of my mind, I knew it was becoming chronic bronchitis)
It seemed that not a single antibiotic treatment worked. No decongestant remedy or even steroid medicine seemed to work. I literally felt of my lungs becoming weaker... my chest, lungs and throat ached and burned, and most of the time I had diarrhea because of the antibiotics... my immune system was weak... I knew my body was becoming antibiotic resistant... I felt so sorry for myself.

The Final Straw
The Threat Of An Early Death

I remember the winter of 2001, I had a shock. It seems that my lungs were not too healthy and I got Bronchitis again, only this time it was real bad. The Doctor was called to my bed. He looked at me for a while, then called an ambulance. He said I needed to be in hospital, I told him no way was I going to hospital. After all, I was only 43! Then came the hammer blow. He said, 'Joe, you know the situation. Your lungs are infected again. Unless you get treated, you may die'. I told him again there was no way I wanted to go to hospital. He sighed, and began writing yet another prescriptiopn for antibiotics. While he wrote, he asked, 'Have you considered quitting work? Because you can't carry on like this'. After a little while, he left. I lay in my bed, my chest burning, my head banging, my nose red, my throat sore, my eyes swollen ... I was aching and dejected.

I Knew The Doctor Was Right.
Unless I Sorted Out My Bronchitis I Was Going To Die An Early Death.
But He Had Nothing More To Offer Me.

As I lay coughing in my bed, retching green phlegm into my kleenex, cradling my fragile, aching head...I feared the worst. Maybe this was as good as it gets? I thought of all the things I had still not done... my family... my friends... the words I had still not said... places I had never seen... I then made a decision and slept soundly for the first time in years.

I Decided To Treat My Own Bronchitis
While There Was Still Time

The next day I began my research. After all, I am a very successful researcher in the field of health. I have had several major successes dealing with other infectious conditions. I had ignored my own health problems for too long. Now it was time to look after my own health I knew the key to success was research.
My researchers and I asked for answers to obvious questions such as:
What really causes bronchitis?
What makes it worse?
What makes it better?
Why does it come back?
And hundreds more.

I studied the work of Doctors. I studied the work of Professors. I listened to Nurses, Natural Health Practitioners, anybody who had anything to say, I listened to.
I studied every known bronchitis treatment.
Including every home remedy for b ronchitis.
Every alternative b ronchitis treatment.
Every herbal home remedy, chronic b ronchitis treatments, acute b ronchitis treatments.
You name it, I read it and researched it.

A Student Doctors Research Gave Me The Clue To The Bronchitis Breakthrough!

I then studied the work of Mother Nature, almost expecting to find nothing new at all... and almost immediately made an amazing discovery.

One rainy Saturday afternoon, I sat in a university library with my researcher, medical books piled high on our desk. Whilst studying the experiments of a student Doctor, I read something they had completely missed! At first I could not believe it.

I asked my researcher to read it again and again.
I cross checked and double checked my information, I had stumbled across a secret. I asked myself over and over again, "What if...", "What if ..." I ran from the library, unable to contain myself.

I had discovered a new breakthrough in Bronchitis relief, I had apparently discovered...
Three Of Mother Nature's
'Secret Bullets'

The three plant extracts that will clear your bronchitis problem- for good. A few simple ingredients, given to us by Mother Nature

Working with volunteers, friends, family and colleagues, I was quickly able to test it again and again.

And, not once - I repeat, NOT ONCE DID IT FAIL! The health of every single person improved- some immediately and dramatically. I was stunned.


If you really do want to stop your bronchitis and you are looking for a way that works...

If you have gotten frustrated with slow or non-existent improvements in the health of your lungs.
..If you are ready to get to the root of the problem-
and ready to try a simple, easy and proven treatment- then please read on:

FACT#1 You will be clear of bronchitis starting in just 3 days.

FACT#2 Your health will increase every single day while your lungs quickly clears of infection and you say Goodbye to Bronchitis Pain and Congestion- FOREVER.FACT#3 On average, people only use this treatment TWICE before their lungs are much less congested and painful.

Let me prove it to you now with solid FACTS- so you will know this treatment will work for your Bronchitis

Problem # 1 Bronchial Infection is caused by bacteria growing in your lungs only- so you don't need drugs running through every vein of your body.
Solution # 1 Remove the bacteria in your lungs and you remove the bronchial infection. My new bronchitis treatment works on your lungs, nose and throat only.

Problem # 2 Most bronchitis treatments actually weaken your bodies defences and leave it wide open to more infection.
Solution # 2 My bronchitis treatment works on your lungs, nose and throat only, leaving the rest of your body untouched. Use a treatment that destroys harmful bacteria without weakening your whole body.

Problem # 3 Most bronchitis treatments are man-made chemicals, which your body just doesn't recognise or know what to do with. No wonder they just don't work!
Solution # 3 My bronchitis treatment is made from 100% natural ingredients. The antiobiotic properties of these plant extracts has never been fully harnessed... until now. Use the healing powers of Mother Nature to clear your bronchitis problem once and for all.

Watch the Three On-line Bronchitis Secrets Videos.
I will explain exactly how simple and straightforward it is to banish bronchitis infection for good.
I will show you how simple it is and you can watch them as many times as you like!

Remember: this is proven to work


I woke up at 3 this morning and I knew I 'had turned the corner'. I have so much more energy. I can feel my health coming back. Why don't you sell this in the store? It's brilliant!

Bill Gore

I am so positive beyond any possibility of a doubt that you will see your bronchitis problem vanish faster and easier than you have ever dreamed possible, that I will give you a full 100% refund if you are not thrilled beyond your wildest dreams with it.

No one else in the World is making an offer like that - because they would go broke!

I've been making it for 3 years with my unique Bronchitis Treatment !

In 3 Years there have been 7 Refund Requests.

You better believe you will love this Bronchitis remedy.
You will never want to be without it, in fact many of my clients take the remedy on vacation-
"just in case"


I no longer cough, no congestion, no rattles, nothing!

I have got my life back, I am going to use it once a week to stop it coming back.

Toni Pratchett.
Office Clerk

"There is no other bronchitis treatment company in the world that can offer you bronchitis relief that is
this fast or this easy"
Joe Johnson
Renowned Natural Treatment Researcher

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The next step is up to you. Find out for yourself just how easy it is to stop Bronchitis when you use this amazing treatment - using natural plant extracts, not drugs - using the NEW Bronchitis Doctor© Bronchitis treatment.

Just click and let me send you the NEW Bronchitis Doctor© treatment package. Plus, you'll get seven Free Bonuses as my way of saying 'Thank You' for taking the time to treat yourself with the NEW Bronchitis Doctor© Bronchitis treatment.Please don't delay. Bronchitis infection can quickly become something much more serious.
It can kill.
Reducing the stress that bronchitis infection is placing on your body could save you from serious disease ... or worse.

The solution is revolutionary, and oh-so-simple.Let the NEW Bronchitis Doctor Bronchitis treatment show you the way to clear, congestion-free lungs and a healthier you! Yours Sincerely
Joe Johnson
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P.S., A special section for those who cannot decide....

The Eight Most Frequently Asked Questions

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If you continue on the same path, will the kind of successes I've shown you on this page be within your reach?
Or will you continue, stuck in a rut, with the same bronchitis pain and congestion?I can't promise you will become infection-free overnight using my system. I don't know you... your background...your commitment... or your motivation. But as you can see, I've already helped thousands of 'real people' like the ones you've read about here, get life-changing results with Bronchitis Doctor Natural Bronchitis Treatment. So, I look forward to helping you get rid of your Bronchitis problem, very quickly, very easily and very affordable.

Bye For Now,

Joe Johnson - Health Researcher

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And I did, in 2 days. Thanks so much."
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We will show you the three amazing natural plant extracts and explain to you why they are being used.

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