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Bronchitis Pneumonia

Bronchitis Pneumonia is an inflammation of the lung caused by infection with bacteria, viruses, and other organisms. Bronchitis Pneumonia is usually triggered when a patient's defense system is weakened, most often by a simple viral upper respiratory tract infection or a case of influenza.

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Such infections or other triggers do not cause Bronchitis Pneumonia directly but they alter the mucous blanket, thus encouraging bacterial growth. Other factors can also make specific people susceptible to bacterial growth and pneumonia.

Defining Pneumonia by Locations in the Lung

Pneumonia is sometimes defined in one of two ways according to its distribution in the lung:

Lobar Pneumonia (occurs in one lobe of the lung).
Bronchopneumonia (tends to be patchy).

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Defining Bronchitis Pneumonia by Origin of Infection

Bronchitis Pneumonia is often classified into two categories that may help predict the organisms that are the most likely culprits.

Community-acquired (pneumonia contracted outside the hospital)
Pneumonia in this setting often follows a viral respiratory infection. It affects nearly 4 million adults each year. It is likely to be caused by Streptococcus pneumoniae, the most common pneumonia-causing bacteria. Other organisms, such as atypical bacteria called Chlamydia or Mycoplasma pneumonia are also common causes of community-acquired pneumonia.

Hospital-acquired pneumonia.
Bronchitis Pneumonia that is contracted within the hospital is called nosocomial pneumonia. Hospital patients are particularly vulnerable to gram-negative bacteria and staphylococci, which can be very dangerous.

Disease Process Leading to Bronchitis Pneumonia

Infectious agents reach the lungs and cause pneumonia through different routes:
Most often, organisms that cause pneumonia enter the lungs after being inhaled into the airways.

Sometimes the normally harmless bacteria present in the mouth may be aspirated into the lungs, usually if the gag reflex is suppressed.

Bronchitis Pneumonia may also be caused from infections that spread to the lungs through the bloodstream from other organs.

Under normal circumstances, however, the airways that take air in and pass through the upper part of the body have very effective mechanisms that protect the lung from infection by bacteria and other microbes.
Large particles are first filtered out in the nasal passage.

When smaller particles are inhaled, sensors along the airways trigger coughing or sneezing reflexes, which force many particles to back out.

Tiny ones that are able to reach the bronchioles are trapped in a mucous blanket and are then moved up and out of the lungs by the beating movements of tiny hair-like cells called cilia, a mechanism known as the mucociliary escalator.

Bacteria or other infectious agents that evade the airway defense system are attacked in the alveolar sacs by defenders from the body's immune system, particularly macrophages, large white blood cells that literally eat foreign particles.
These strong defense systems normally keep the lung sterile. If these defenses are weakened or damaged, however, bacteria or other organisms, such as viruses, fungi, and parasites, can gain the upper hand, producing Bronchitis Pneumonia.

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